Managed Services: infrastructure on tap

Managed Services: infrastructure on tap

In the beginning there was the lone systems administrator.

He (for it was almost always a he) drank a lot of coffee, played a lot of PC games in the office, and knew all those arcane command line incantations to make your infrastructure work.

Problem is, he was a single point of failure, being the only person who understood your system scripts and the ad-hoc and informal ways in which your servers where setup.»

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Reach for the Cloud

You’d think we’d all be accustomed to the Cloud by now. After all we’ve been hearing about Cloud technologies, Cloud this and Cloud that for over five years. But this is quite far from the truth when it comes to the enterprise Cloud.»

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Construction on Abstraction

From its humble beginnings in early 20th century to being our most essential infrastructure today, IT has come a long way. And it was mainly two techniques that helped it get where it is: ever increasing abstractions and a “divide and conquer” approach.»

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