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Last week’s OpenStack Summit in Vancouver was a great opportunity for members of the OpenStack community to get together, exchange views and share their experience.

Whether you closely follow the project’s progress or not, it’s salient that the community is shaped by people working with big IT vendors and people operating clouds for large enterprises.

That’s not to say that the number of independent developers and smaller scale deployment administrators is in any way negligible.

All in all, there are tons of people already participating on the OpenStack project and many more testing the waters and beginning to get into it. There were never was a better time to jump onboard.

Most (if not all) of the users, developers and operators working on OpenStack started their journey by exploring the basics, with this initial period of exploration soon giving way to experimentation, and concluding, for most, in an operational deployment.

Engineers are also frequently motivated to check out OpenStack on their own, in order to grow their skill-set and enhance their employability.

The industry interest is growing too, with OpenStack gaining adoption in the enterprise space and big names like Yahoo!, eBay, Paypal and Comcast showing their support for the technology.

The big benefit of managing your infrastructure following the Cloud Computing paradigm ―which is what OpenStack enables―, is that your datacenter management gains a whole new agility and freedom of choice compared to legacy processes.

As with any disruptive paradigm, the change to Cloud Computing also requires a mindset shift, which can manifest as a big educational gap for existing professionals and people starting their career.

Stackmasters is here to bridge this gap with our training programs in cooperation with Mirantis, the leading OpenStack training provider.

We’ve partnered with Mirantis two years ago to extend the reach of their OpenStack training program in Europe, Middle East and Gulf countries. Since then, a great many professionals have attended these training programs with excellent feedback, with some gaining a certification from Mirantis for their OpenStack skills.

So, how do I can get on track with OpenStack and make the leap forward to the Cloud paradigm?

Attend one of our industry leading OpenStack classes, to get the whole picture on the technology, and expand your skills with hands-on practice and in-depth technical training.

And don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any question you might have regarding OpenStack, Cloud Computing and our Mirantis OpenStack Bootcamps.

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Thanassis Parathyras

Thanassis Parathyras is the CEO & Co-founder of Stackmasters.

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