Managed Cloud

Managed Cloud was last modified: September 17th, 2019 by Stackmasters

One single service to build,
manage, and scale your Stack

A customized multi-cloud solution designed to grow with your business

We’re flexible, agile and open-source

Multi-cloud support

Manage Cloud resources across multiple providers

Mix and match cloud services from literally any cloud to achieve fault tolerance, load distribution or satisfy special requirements.

Open-source friendly

Take advantage of modern OSS technologies

Cloud is shared and open. Get professional help to build private OpenStack clouds, utilize Docker containers and become future proof.

Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll provide an assessment of your required infrastructure and a pricing plan to suit your needs

End-to-end workload management

Our industry-leading managed cloud practices will help you reduce infrastructure costs whether your platform is on a public, hybrid or private system.

Setup automation

From setup and backup to migration and disaster recovery, we utilize Ansible to orchestrate and deploy your software platform, as well as provision cloud resources and enable quick and safe workload life cycle management.

Operations monitoring & performance

Our performance measurement helps you keep on top of your Stack. Meaningful metrics from the consumption of infrastructure resources combined with service health flags and key performance indicators provide vital operations insights and alerts.

Site Reliability Engineering

We specialize in building and running future-proof infrastructures. Our team continuously evaluate operations metrics feedback to plan and design for increased availability to prevent shocks and surprises, not just react to them.

Flexible pricing tailored to your needs

Get a customized IT infrastructure built
exclusively on your own needs

  • Stackmasters worked with AbZorba Games from the startup’s early days to ensure there is a fast, reliable, and cost effective cloud solution powering their apps all the way through.
    Manos Moschous, CTO
  • We work with Stackmasters in order to make sure our data servers are always up and running.
    Ioannis Belegrinis, Designer
  • Tripsta has long before embraced open-source software and understands its important role in cloud technology which allows both the operators team and the development teams to utilize company’s resources in order to develop and enrich our leading on line booking services
    Yiannis Polizois, Systems Administration Manager

Contact us for a free consultation.
We’ll provide an assessment of your required infrastructure and suggest a suitable pricing plan

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