Cloud 9: a sysadmin meets OpenStack

For the past 7 years I have been working as a head system administrator with a tech startup incubator.

Mine is the (often thankless) job of ensuring that the data center runs smoothly and securely and that business software, application servers and development environments are working and available to our users.


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    Data Storage in clouds (#OSATH presentations)

    Last week we had another meeting with the local OpenStack User Group members #OSATH hosted at InnovAthens. It was exciting to see some of our old members progressing with their projects on OpenStack. Lots of new members and people interested in this community have also shown up, which is even more interesting and shows the traction OpenStack gets in Greece.


    OpenStack and Docker (Stackmasters’ #OSATH presentations)

    Docker in OpenStack

    If you follow the Greek OpenStack space you know that our involvement with the OpenStack community goes way back. As a matter of fact, in 2013, Stackmasters organized the very first OpenStack meetup in Greece, and we have been active promoting and evangelizing what we believe is the best open Cloud solution ever since, supporting #OSATH and organizing special events and training seminars.