Disaster Recovery on the Cloud

Disaster recovery on the cloud

Business continuity is without doubt one of the most essential aspects a company faces. But how about in the cloud? We’ll be the first to admit that it’s a relatively new concept and as a result there’s a lot of hype and fanfare.

This comes par for the course with the buzz that exists around cloud computing in general. And with hype comes misinformation, misconceptions and the like. But what’s the truth behind all the pomp and circumstance?»

Private cloud: not just for the big boys

Private cloud: not just for the big boys

Private cloud. “This is not for me”. “It is too complicated and expensive”. “It’s only for large or corporate enterprises”. Right? Wrong.

The fact is that from the various types of organizations out there, it’s the small and medium-sized firms stand to reap the most benefits by switching to cloud. So what’s the problem? Why don’t they? Basically. it comes down to knowledge. Very few (and we mean very) understand how it can help their businesses.»