Data Storage in clouds (#OSATH presentations)

Last week we had another meeting with the local OpenStack User Group members #OSATH hosted at InnovAthens. It was exciting to see some of our old members progressing with their projects on OpenStack. Lots of new members and people interested in this community have also shown up, which is even more interesting and shows the traction OpenStack gets in Greece.

During this meeting i gave a talk on the data storage topic and the different ways developed by OpenStack to respond on this fundamental need for computing in the cloud environment. We discussed on a high-level Glance, Cinder and Swift as the basis of OpenStack services used for storage. We tried to make clear the relationship of the storage in the data-center before cloud computing with the concepts introduced in the new era of managing infrastructure. We couldn’t neglect to touch a bit of more advanced data storage services like Database and Big Data Analytics being offered with the as-a-service model, as they have been progressed significantly inside the community.

To keep it short, i share my slides from that night below:

As a community group we recently crossed the 200-membership border and we already have an established number of local companies involved with the Athens OpenStack User Group. As the first organizer of this effort, i think we can go a lot more further and attract members from other related local communities and companies.

Stay tuned for more #OSATH and OpenStack community events and posts.

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