Mirantis OpenStack Bootcamp by Stackmasters is back

At Stackmasters we strongly believe in Cloud computing and in Open, vendor-neutral technologies. That’s why we’re thrilled to see the increased popularity and adoption of OpenStack solutions in Europe in general and Greece in particular, knowing that we have played our part in its overall success.

We are also deeply committed not only in providing enterprise level OpenStack solutions, but also in educating and evangelizing IT professionals about OpenStack. That, and an overwhelming local demand, is the reason we’re organizing our next OpenStack Bootcamp class in Athens, Greece, on October 20th-22nd and Nicosia, Cyprus on December 1st-3rd.

Our vendor-agnostic OpenStack Bootcamp is perfect for IT professionals who are looking to gain skills and knowledge around OpenStack and Cloud computing infrastructure, while our training courses address the OpenStack objectives of any cloud professional, from System Administrators to Technical Project Managers, empowering students in planing, implementing and supporting OpenStack based infrastructure in the datacenter.

All this in co-operation with OpenStack global leader Mirantis, who chose Stackmasters as an authorized training partner, enabling us to offer our clients a rigorous, proven curriculum for all their Cloud training needs.

Upon completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the architecture of an OpenStack Cloud deployment
  • Define the key features of OpenStack
  • Identify suitable use-cases for OpenStack
  • Implement and use Image, Identity, and Dashboard services
  • Create and manage images and instances
  • Create and manage roles, users and quotas
  • Find additional OpenStack help and support resources
  • Use the CLI and Dashboard
  • Create and manage roles, permissions, and ACLs

To register or learn more about the upcoming courses in Greece and Cyprus, please visit our training website.

If you have questions regarding our OpenStack Bootcamp, don’t hesitate to contact us via email at info@stackmasters.eu or call our Athens office (+30) 210 6756 008.

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