Why you should never try outsourcing DevOps

If you are running a business, there’s one resolution that we think you should keep in 2019. And that is simple: to steer well clear of outsourcing DevOps!

Why? Let’s start with our firm conviction that you can’t outsource DevOps! Any practice toward this would make you an enemy against your own business.

Let us explain the reasons. They are, as we have previously said on this blog, all about simplicity.

Why you should never try outsourcing DevOps

DevOps is about culture more than IT

It may seem funny that we at Stackmasters, a company that also specializes in DevOps consulting and outsourcing, say that you should not outsource DevOps. Do we want to put ourselves out of business? In a word, no.

What we mean is that DevOps is more about a complete change of culture, rather than a simple way of working or operating. Yes, you can request help to improve processes, to set up important processes such as continuous delivery and automation. You can even implement new and extremely useful technologies like containers.

However, and this is a big one, if you really want to go forth the innovate by following the DevOps way, then you have to start at home. Yes, this change needs to come internally in your business or company. Because yes we can help you set things up and give you the best advice and tools available. But, what we can’t do is help wield a sledgehammer to bring those silos crashing down if there is no internal collaboration.

DevOps is processes and tools, not marketing

In reality, we utilize the term DevOps for marketing purposes. This is because our real expertise is not in that field (marketing). Our skill and specialization is much more about implementing processes and tools. For us DevOps is all about the practices.

Yes, we can certainly assist to improve some cultural behaviors, but there is no magic solution we can sell you to do it. This is only possible with a close examination of two core elements in DevOps: processes and tools. Yes,we are repeating them because they are that important. But then there’s something else you must not forget. It has perhaps more significance. People. They require more than external help. We should probably add a team of psychologists to our company if we’re honest. Seriously!

Start with a clear vision and step by step execution

The real question you need to answer for your business is what objectives should we reach with the beginning of a DevOps project. It is true that cloud and automation brings a solid framework to support your business to operate and grow fast and reliably. But, it is also true that you and your core development team are the most suitable to address the needs of your customers.

In seeking to find a better way to manage your software release and service operations, you are essentially in a position to start the setup of a unified cloud management solution. You will have to plan for efficient cloud or on-premise infrastructure. Or hybrid of course. The right solution will depend on the requirements. Then, you extend to the applications to make sure you deploy and manage them with confidence.


So where does all this leave you? It’s pretty clear that you can consume the cloud with the help of a cloud consultant. And you can create very efficient DevOps practices with the help of a DevOps consultant.

Or you can go one better and combine cloud and automation with a managed service, such as our Stackmasters Managed Cloud. Which, by the way, is nothing like outsourcing DevOps. We work with you, not for you. To find out more about how we can help you to implement the best DevOps solution for your business, get in touch with us today. Forgive us for being slightly biased, but we urge you to go for the latter option. Why? Because what you’ll get is a customized, multi-cloud solution designed to grow with your business.

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