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Our DevOps Workflow

Premium consulting every step of the way

Scope Description

We set the ball rolling with an overview description of the system architecture

Our on-boarding process is able to identify possible design flaws, and set goals and priorities to be followed under the guidance of our team of cloud experts.

System Build

Automation is key to harvesting the agility offered by using one or multiple cloud providers

We can start from scratch or help you migrate to or between clouds. Your whole cloud environment(s) and Stacks are implemented using advanced ‘Infrastructure as Code’ techniques.

Monitor & Analyze

Going beyond automated monitoring, we analyze and iterate the whole delivery cycle

Utilizing modern reliability engineering (SRE) we redefine scope, adjust system configuration and allocate the required cloud resources for continuous operations.

Get started today

Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll provide an assessment of your
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Our Support

First-rate support, in real time

We’ve got your back with instant, dedicated Slack powered communication.

We prefer to prevent rather than react. That’s why support is always at hand via a dedicated Slack channel where you can engage with our team in real time.

From security issues to service availability and large scale systems concerns, we’re there for you. Check on general Stack health, task progress, resolve incidents and get notified about insights from your infrastructure performance. Share plans and priorities with our team for tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your Stack.

Our Featured technologies

We put open source to work for you

Application platforms and databases

Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, NGinx HAProxy, Varnish – MySQL / PostgreSQL support, DB replication and clusters


Cloud-native techologies

OpenStack, Ceph storage Docker containers, private docker registry – Kubernetes, OpenShift


Networks and Compliance support

Access control and network firewalls – Compliance guidelines implementation – Documented system architecture


System maintenance

Linux OS maintenance and updates – KVM, VMware vCenter, Hyper-V – Backup and disaster recovery planning


Flexible pricing tailored to your needs

Get a customized IT infrastructure built
exclusively on your own needs

Send us any questions or inquiries you might have and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible

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