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True end-to-end Solutions

Data-center Infrastructure

Make the Cloud your own Cloud

Stackmasters helps you design, develop and deploy your own modern Data Center based on your real needs and budget.

Whether it is deploying a cutting-edge OpenStack cloud from scratch, switching to Docker containers, optimizing your network with Software-Defined Networking, or provisioning bare-metal servers on any cloud, we will advise, design, implement and support.

Based on more than 10 years of experience with virtualization, managed platforms and open-source solutions, we leverage any technology, to deliver the most optimized infrastructure for your software stack, whatever the business need and size.

Platform scale-up

Respond to demand

Whether you run an online service, a SaaS offering or a mobile application platform, the ability to respond to increasing user load is crucial for the success of your business.

But building scalability in to your software stack can be complex and resource-heavy.

Stackmasters takes the complexity out of scaling your applications, by helping you determine and implement a valid strategy to address high demand and rapid growth on any environment.

Our scaling experts can handle all the necessary tasks, such architectural reviews and validation, server farm deployment, database replication, etc., with minimal overhead on your operations team, ensuring no disruption to your daily operations.

Service availability

Keep your customers happy and your service up and running

There is nothing worse for your business than your users and customers not being able to reach you.

Stackmasters enable you to be truly always-on by minimizing service downtime.

Our engineering team will follow industry best practices to analyze and address all of your availability requirements, fine-tune your software application stack and assist in the migration to a more resilient infrastructure, with well-defined failover and failback processes.

Effective Operations

Monitor, maintain and stay on-top of your software stack

A fine-tuned infrastructure does not only require constant monitoring and maintenance, but also real insights on how your software is performing.

Stackmasters Nagios-based monitoring and alerting solution will help you stay ahead of any issues in your data center, and our Elastic Logstash / Kibana (ELK) log management and aggregation service will give your development team invaluable insight into the behavior of its software in production.

Stackmasters will even manage your operations end-to-end, significantly reducing the complexity and costs.


The key to future-proof, flexible and efficient cloud solutions

Stackmasters will help you standardize and automate the provisioning, maintenance and lifecycle management of your stack, both at infrastructure as well as at software platform level.

Together with your development team we will prepare, test and deploy configuration management solutions tailored for your own needs, based on industry standard IT automation and configuration management solutions like Ansible and Puppet.

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