Managed DevOps and Operations for your cloud

Stackmasters delivers end to end managed cloud hosting services for fast growing businesses

Managed end to end

Stackmasters can help you offload your team and focus on what’s important. Let your in-house developers work on advancing your product line!

Cloud agnostic

Let our experts handle the underlying infrastructure, cloud providers and platform services, avoiding vendor lock-in. AWS, Azure, GCE, Rackspace or other server hosting provider is your choice and we support it!


Operations centric

A reliable infrastructure is our top priority. Our monitoring and metrics analytics ensure that you get proper alerting and performance insight for your cloud servers.


Cooperative spirit

Our managed cloud services are always designed and delivered with input from your IT department and development teams, who are kept aware of the action plan and desired deliverables and have the option to be involved as little or as much as you like.


Modern Techniques

Our engineers support you all the way from installation and troubleshooting to scaling, creating suitable DevOps workflows.

Infrastructure as Code

We build infrastructure that fits your business value chain using standardized blueprints and orchestration tools to manage software service lifecycle all the way from development to production.



Give your IT best-of-breed tools and customized recipes to follow on fast changing requirements and continuously growing demand.


Best practice pool

Leverage the combined knowledge and practical experience stemming from our handling of use cases across numerous industries and businesses.


Available plans

From our Entry level plan for businesses that are just starting out to our Enterprise package catering to advanced custom needs, you are sure to find an appropriate and affordable plan for your business.


Entry Plan

For someone just starting now that needs an expert hand


Lite Plan

Running businesses that need space for future growth


Ultra Plan

For large setups that need heavy customization


Enterprise Plan

For advanced / custom needs

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