Stackmasters partners with tripsta to build their OpenStack cloud

Stackmasters, the European OpenStack experts and Managed Cloud services provider, today announced its ongoing partnership with one of the biggest online travel agencies in Europe, tripsta, to develop an OpenStack based private cloud and related processes.

The OpenStack based private cloud is going to host existing applications as well as to support the company’s software development teams to their cloud-native modern software architecture by leveraging open technology and efficient process models.»

Managed Services: infrastructure on tap

In the beginning there was the lone systems administrator.

He (for it was almost always a he) drank a lot of coffee, played a lot of PC games in the office, and knew all those arcane command line incantations to make your infrastructure work.

Problem is, he was a single point of failure, being the only person who understood your system scripts and the ad-hoc and informal ways in which your servers where setup.